Our food

Our chef Josef Schaffler at the buffet
Below you find a small selection of our menu to give you an impression. Additionally we offer seasonal specialties.*
We especially recommend our three daily changing evening menus. The items can be ordered separately - please ask your waiter or waitress.

Dinner hours: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m

Please reserve your table at +49(0)8324 8900

*No a la Carte orders possible on days with Bavarian buffet.

A selection of our menu

This and a lot more is waiting for you at Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad.
Reservations :  +49 (0) 8324 8900
If you have any allergies please contact our service staff.
We are looking forward to your visit.
Meat dishes are our specialty
Hunter´s luck - € 39,00

Roe deer back with filled William’s pear, fresh chanterelles and home made potato croquettes.

Meat dishes are our specialty
Eagle of Hindelang - € 24,-

Half duck, roasted with potato dumpling and apple - red cabbage

A typical bavarian dish
Prometheus’ offering - € 25,-

Liver of veal, Berlin style with crisp fried onions, apple slices and mashed potatoes

Vegetarian speciality from the Allgaeu: cheese pasta
Melting dairymaid - € 16,00

Allgaeu cheese spaetzle with tangy Weisslacker cheese fresh chives and brown fried onions

We love desserts - taste our chocolate cake with liquid filling
Sissi’s little sin - € 6,50

Tiny chocolate tart with liquid filling and hazelnut ice cream

Opening hours

Your buffet breakfast with cheese, sausage and more from the Allgaeu
Breakfast 7:30 - 10:30 a.m

Buffet breakfast with fresh fruits, various breads and bread rools, local sausages and cheeses, jam, yoghurts, eggs, salmon, juice and warm beverages like coffee, tea etc.

Lunch: Noon - 2 p.m (€ 18,-/€ 22,- (buffets))

2 freshly cooked meals to choose from with soup, salad buffet and dessert. (no a la Carte) Sundays and bank holidays: buffet lunch with various dishes incl. soup, salads, main dishes and desserts or a la Carte menu (not available on bank holidays).

Afternoon soup and cake: 3 - 5 p.m

Free of charge for our hotel guests. Most certainly everybody can purchase coffee, various cakes, little snacks, ice cream and beverages in our cafe.

Meat produced by cows in the Allgaeu, freshly cooked - taste the difference.
Dinner 6:30 -11 p.m (warm food until 8:30 p.m)

3 course menu (half board) incl. salad buffet: € 26,- (€ 3,- less for hotel guests) or a la Carte orders. Two days a week we offer buffets, no a la Carte available on these days. 

Our bar for your last drink.
Our bar

Sit down, have a drink and relax. At our bar or in our chimney room, as you prefer.

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