Nordic Walking

Excercise and wellness  - Nordic walking in the middle of nature


Gentle endurance sport ideal for untrained people. Positive effects on your cardio-vascular-system, muscles, lung and more. Approx. 60 min.

  • Private training: € 30,-
  • 2 people: € 20,- each
  • Group: € 15,- per person
Please take care:
Even though Nordic walking is easy to learn, it is important to get instructions by a professional to learn the correct technique. Else the positive effects can not be guaranteed.

Yoga & Wellness

Bad Hindelang in the Allgaeu is a perfect place to do Yoga, because our air is fresh and clean.  Together with our cristall clear mountain rivers and our sustainable agriculture the conditions for each Yoga dimension are very good.
Yoga for us is a philosophy to a happier life. There are breath and body exercises as well as a profound philosophical background - life-affirming and non-esoteric.
We are looking forward to talk to you about Yoga and do a Yoga class together.
We do trial classes on a regular basis. Additionally there are one to one and group classes (each 45 min)
  • One to one class : € 45,00 
  • Group class: € 12,00  (5 people and more)
We would appreciate if you book your class in advance: +49 (0)8324 8900
As we need to coordinate our external and internal yoga trainers we cannot guarantee short term bookings are possible.
Wellness and Yoga in the Allgaeu
Wellness with exercises and relaxation by yoga
Wellness and yoga in the middle of nature
Our yoga room 126 for private lessons
Yoga and wellness in fresh air


Fitness, fun and wellness - Krolf at the Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad


It is a mixture between Golf and Crocket. We offer a course below the hotel. You use a Crocket rack and a hockey ball. The goal is to get the ball into a whole with as few hits as possible. The best thing is: There is no special equipment necessary. You can just start and have fun.

Rackets and balls are available at our reception.
Course fee (incl. rackets and balls): € 5,- per person

Water gym

Our water gym courses take place in our indoor pool, which is filled with our own sulphur spring water (no sulphur smell noticeable).


  •  Gentle exercise for everybody
  •  Supporting your shape and power
  •  Improving your mobility
  •  Supporting your coordination and blood circulation
  •  Strenghtening your breathing
Price: € 8,- per person, Duration: approx. 15 - 20 minutes
3x weekly (Mon/Wed/Fri) starting at 7:30 - 8:00 m
Please book our preferred date at our reception at 08324 8900 or directly at the spa.
Exercise and wellness are a perfect match - aqua fit at our indoor pool

Gymnastics room

Our gymnastics  room with antique equipment
Gymnastic is not modern anymore, but it is very effective. This is why we combine a cross trainer and exercise machine with old-style (times of price regent Luitpold) gym equipment like skipping ropes, punching bags and more. Let it inspire you. 
It is located at the end of the underground aisle, close to the jacuzzi.

Tennis Court

Did you plan to play a round of tennis for a while but did not make it during your daily routine. So take the chance now to play with a beautiful view.
The tennis court is located at the end of our park, directly below the "Quelldorado" spa area.
Using the tennis court and our tennis rackets and balls is free of charge. Please ask at our reception.
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