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We are locals and we love our nature. This is why we did many hikes, strawls, winter tours and activities at rainy weather. We selected our best ones for you below.

*As many alpine huts close down in wintertime, please check their opening times before starting your hike.

Hikes and strawls

Our tips for moderate hikes. We did a lot more. If you are more advanced please check out our tips at the info corner or ask our front desk team.


There are many different ways available from beginners up to hiking pros – all offering spectacular views into the Alps.
Drive to B308/Jochstraße and turn right. After you passed the sign “Oberjoch” you will shortly see the chairlift “Iselerbahn”. Take this to the top station. (There is also a bus operating from near the hotel to Oberjoch)
Short course:
Duration: 50 min by foot (one way), level: easy to moderate
Starting at the top station there is a very idyllic hiking path to the top of the mountain. Enjoy the stunning view (there are about 400 mountain peeks to be seen).
Nice start into hiking season
Duration: 3 hours by foot, level: moderate
Starting point not finishing point (public transportation available)
You are starting at top station in the direction of the top of the mountain. Not far beneath the peek, about 50 m after the sign “Startpunkt Standard Abfahrtslauf” there is a path (direction Zipfelsalpe) on the right hand side. (about 1 ½ h). Take this until you reach “Zipfelsalp” (alpine hut). Relax and enjoy food and something to drink. After that you take the serpentines to Hinterstein (1-2 h). In Hinterstein you can take the bus to Bad Hindelang (switch at final station). Then switch to the bus “Bad Hindelang – Oberjoch” (stop: Iselerbahn). This is the place you parked your car (if you did!)
It is possible to walk from Hinterstein to the hotel, if you still have energy left. Basically you walk at the bottom of Iseler. Take the small street at the church “Sangenweg”, follow it to “Bärenweg” which will lead to “Pfad der Liebe/Vaterlandsweg” which leads all the way back to the hotel. (1-1 ½ h). Please always take a map with you.


Our mountain with panoramic view.
There are two alternatives routes uphill:
  1. a) walk along the hotel area in the direction of the outdoor pool and follow the path outside this area uphill (“Liebespfad”). Take your key with you to open the gate. Turn left at the little bridge (in the direction “Schleierfall”). You can follow this way until the end to see a nice water fall (and come back) or turn left (first branch off) on Bergwachtweg in the direction of Gailenberg. Cross the little canyon “Hirschbachtobel” and follow the path on in direction of Gailenberg. Above Hindelang before reaching Gailenberg take the uphill path to “Steinköpfle” in the direction of “Hirschberg”.
  2. b) turn right at the hotel and take the path on the left hand side (some metres after our parking lot) to Hirschbachtobel to Hirschberg. This is a stunning trail, but you need to be free from giddiness and sure-footed. Don not take this path during rain or shortly afterwards.
There are two alternatives routes downhill:
c) Duration: 4 hours (up and down), level: moderate (partly very steep)
Back via version “a” or take the nice path from Hirschberg to Hirschalpe.
d) Duration: 5 to 6 hours (up and down), level: moderate
Walk from “Hirschberg” to “Klankhütte” and from there in the direction of mountain “Spieser”. Climb up the mountain or take the nice roundtrip below. This way takes you to “Hirschalpe”.
For both routes: This alpine hut offers food and drinks. Afterwards take a quite steep road downhill. This road will reach ”Alte Jochstraße” (little road next to the nowadays used pass-road), which brings you back to our parking space.

Our tip: Route “b” in combination with “a” (just the other way round).

„Hölle“ (Hells) Roundtrip

Duration: 2 hours by foot starting in Hinterstein. Level: easy
This is a perfect walk to experience our flowery meadows, our mountains and our wild nature.
Drive to Hinterstein and park your car at the parking lot at the end of town. There is a small path downhill (coming from Hinterstein town it is to the right hand side). You will cross a street „Im Schlauchen“ and turn right. After a few meters you will see - on the left hand side - a little path into a meadow (there is a little kiosk as well). Follow this path until its end and turn left. The walk follows the river „Ostrach“ upstream. Please cross this river at the first bridge „Vorsäßbrücke“ you reach. Follow the signs in the direction of „Hölle Rundweg“. This leads you uphill, the path is becoming steeper later on. There is a small creek alongside you on the way up. You will reach the very idyllic place called the „Eckbacktobel“. Steep metallic stairs take you on the bridge to cross the stream. At this point you can see lady’s-slipper (an orchid) in May or June. Looking back you will see the face of a devil in the stony wall: “Hölle” means hell after all. Follow the path out of the ravine. Now you are walking through a forest and passing an old massive landslide. The way leads you back to the Eckbach and to Hinterstein.

Straußbergalpe* (alpine hut)

A nice hike to a plateau – passing a highmoor, walking by several mountains. In the end you will be rewarded by an inviting terrasse, Bavarian bread and cheese/sausages or something to drink.

Short route for beginners
Duration: 1 – 1 ½ hour by foot (both ways), level: easy
Drive by car from Bad Hindelang in the direction of Sonthofen (B308). Before Sonthofen there is a branch off to „Imberg“ on the left hand side. Take this and follow the street. You will have to pay some Euro to follow it further on (Mautstraße). There is a blue machine to pay the fare on the right hand side. Close to the end of the road you see one building uphill and one parking place downhill. Take the branch off (right hand side) downhill and park your car. From there it is an approx. ½ hour walk on a street (without cars). The last 300 metres it is more stony an slightly uphill to Straußbergalpe. Apart from these last meters the trail is suitable for baby buggys as well.
Longer route, more advanced
Duration: 2-3 hours by foot, level: easy to a bit advanced.
Drive from the Hotel in the direction of Bad Hindelang and further on until the roundabout. Take the 4th exit in the direction of Hinterstein. Shortly afterwards you will see the „Hornbahn“ (cable car). Park your car there and take the cable car up the mountain „Imberger Horn“. The cable car is a 30 minutes walk from the hotel so you do not need the car, really. There is a hiking path which brings you to Straußbergalpe (very nice hut in the middle of nature, between the mountains.) If you take a detour up to Imberger Horn the trip will take up to three hours.
 *Please check opening hours and timetable of Hornbahn in advance (expecially important to not miss the last cable car back to Bad Hindelang).

Sennalpe Derb* (alpine hut)

Take a short walk to one of the most beautiful alpine huts with a sunny terrasse which is offering Bavarian specialties like bread, cheese, butter, milk and cake, all home made (they do have their own cows).
Duration 45 minutes, level: easy to moderate.
It is possible to park at the alpine hut directly (2 minutes walk)
Drive via Bad Hindelang to Sonthofen and follow the signs to „Gunzesried“ from there. Park your car at the parking lot at the beginning of Gunzesried. Pass the little gate that seems to lead nowhere and cross the meadow to the very nice path along the Aubach and its ravine in the direction of „Stausee“- water reservoir. After that take the branch off to „Alpe Derb“. It is the same way to return (takes longer!)  or you take the street in the direction of Gunzesried (not a lot of traffic).
Ideal for familys with small kids or nature lovers with special needs (parking lot at hut available).

Wet weather

The Allgaeu is a wonderful place even if its rainy weather. Some acitivites are even more impressive if there is a lot of water. Check it out yourself.

Neuschwanstein/Hohenschwangau castle

Our thought:
See Neuschwanstein from outside and Hohenschwangau from inside.

We admit: Neuschwanstein castle (the original of Disney’s Cinderella castle) is very impressive, from inside and outside. And we do understand if you like to see it no matter what. But it can be very crowded, especially at rainy days. So if you really would like to visit it, please book tickets in advance. You need to do so 2 days in advance (3pm):
Personally we recommend to visit Hohenschwangau Castle from the inside and Neuschwanstein from the outside. Hohenschwangau was built by Max II based on original plans to replace a broken castle named „Schwanstein“. He built it neo-Gothic. Ludwig II was raised here and used it later on during summertime and added his own taste later on. It offers a stunning view on Neuschwanstein castle. You can book tickets at the same link (see above) or even use the combi ticket for both castles.
How to get there:
It is about 1 hour to Füssen, where both castles are (at least close to):
Turn right at B308/Jochstraße and follow the signs to „Füssen“ (310, OA8, 209, 310). Drive throuqh Füssen in the direction of Schwangau „Schloss Hohenschwangau“ or follow the signs to „Schloss Neuschwanstein“.
By the way:
Füssen itself is a nice town with old center. There is a lake „Hopfensee“ which offers nice views on Neuschwanstein. But like the castle itself it is quite crowded.

Breitachklamm (deep ravine to walk through seeing waterfalls)

Walk into the ravine (well prepared, secure path) and see waterfalls, deep canyons and stony walls around you. It is most impressive during or after rain. But beware: it might be slippery.
There are different ways to get back:
a) take the same way downhill
b) we like roundtrips best i.e. we take the path to “Dornachalpe” at the top of the ravine. There you can eat and drinks something and enjoy the nice view. From there it is a short trip downhill back to your car. Do not forget water resistant clothing and hiking shoes.
How to get there (30 min by car):
Drive up the Andreas-Gross-Str. and turn left to B308, in the direction of Bad Hindelang/Sonthofen. Follow this street until you see signs to B19 Oberstdorf and follow them until close to Oberstdorf. Just before the Mc Donalds there is a street (right hand side) in the direction of “Tiefenbach”. Follow this street and follow the signs to “Breitachklamm”.
Our tip: Be early on rainy days because it will be quite crowded. Please check opening hours and prices before leaving the hotel.

St. Jodokuskirche (Church) in Bad Oberdorf

Built in 1937/1938 to replace the original church which had to be torn down. There are several impressive works of art to be seen: a Madonna  with child (1493) painted by famous Hans Holbein, an altar carved by also famous Jörg Lederer (1519) and a six-foot statue of Christ on a donkey (in a local tradition this statue is towed from one village to another on Palm Sunday while the locals wafe "palm leaves" - arrangements of spruce branches, hazel branches and willow catkin).

Just walk down to Bad Oberdorf: follow the street downhill at the parking lot (Luitpoldstr.), turn right to follow Luitpoldstr., turn left do Dorfstr., right to Buchäckergasse and left to Richard –Mahn-Str. Or take any other way you like. You will find the church easily.

Sturmannshöhle* (cave with stone formations to walk through)

This is the only cave in the Allgaeu you can walk through – a real adventure. Over 300 steps bring you down to the inner chamber, where you can see very special stone formations, built in millions of years. There are many myths told about this place
Guided tours available regularly. Temperature all year long about 4 degree Celsius.
How to get there (about 25 min):
Drive up the Andreas-Gross-Str. and turn left to B308, in the direction of Bad Hindelang/Sonthofen. Follow this street until you see signs to B19 Oberstdorf and follow them until Fischen. In Fischen you will see a sign to „Obermaiselstein“. Follow this sign until you reach „Obermaiselstein“ and park your car at „Haus des Gastes“ (left hand side). Walk back some meters to the fire departement. There you will see a sign, which leads you directly to „Sturmannshöhle“. Walking distance about 30 min. Or try to get a parking space (only few available) directly at the cave.
* Please check opening hours before departure.

Minimobil Modellmuseum - Museum with model cars, trains and planes

There are about 18.000 models of cars, planes, ships and other vehicles, which give you an insight into technical development. The museum held the Guinness world records as the largest collection of H0 models in 2001.
Very nice: a big train model area and a model of Paris with day and nighttime modus. All is arranged with a lot of love, which makes it interesting for everyone and a must for real automotive-addicts.
How to get there: 15 min
Drive up the Andreas-Gross-Str. and turn left to B308, in the direction of Bad Hindelang/Sonthofen. Follow this street until you reach Sonthofen. Turn left to Hindelanger Str. (first street on the left hand side without lights), which turns to Markt Str. and follow it until Prinz-Luitpold-Str. Turn right and drive until its end. There you will see signs to the museum. It is right there, at Oberstdorfer-Str. 10.

Ostertal-Tobel (ravine)

Duration: 1-2 h walking time.
Beautiful walk through a forest (holds back some rain) with small waterfalls and idyllic nature.
How to get there:
Drive Andreas-Gross-Str. uphill and turn left at B308 in the direction of Bad Hindelang/Sonthofen. Drive through Sonthofen and Bihlerdorf and turn left at the sign which leads you to “Gunzesried”. Drive through Gunzesried and park at the big parking space shortly before “Gunzesried Säge”. Walk some metres on the street, cross the little bridge and turn left at the first street. You will see a little archway on the left hand side. This is the entrance to the ravine. Follow the path as long as you like and take the same way return or until “Buhls Alpe” and following the way there back to the parking space. Please take hiking shoes with you. It might be slippery.


Most certainly Bad Hindelang and the Allgaeu offer various skiing opportunities  e.g. at the Oberjoch (15 min drive), Oberstdorf (25 min drive), Ofterschwang (20 min drive) and more. We want to show you that there are many activities except skiing.

Sledding at Schwarzenberghütte

Duration: 1 ½ h or 3-5 h on foot, level: moderate
Nice tour to enjoy winter feelings and as a reward some sledding.
Start at the parking space at Hinterstein and drive by bus to Giebelhaus .
First thing at Giebelhaus: enjoy the view. It is amazing. Afterwards walk uphill following the signs to “Schwarzenberghütte”. You can rent a sledge their, we recommend to take it from our hotel. And then: take your sledge and drive downhill. This is really fun.
How to get there: 10 min drive
Turn left at the end of the parking space (Luitpold-Str.). Follow this street until „Kurze Gasse“. Turn left there. Follow it until its end and turn left on„Hintersteiner Str.“. Follow this street until its end and turn left in the direction of Hinterstein. Drive through Hinterstein and park you car at the big parking space “Auf der Höhe”. Walk or take the bus from there to Giebelhaus. Signs will show you the way.

Hornbahn Hindelang (cable car)

For all who love sledding. It is offering 3km sledding paths on 3 different routes, which makes it a lot fun. We do have some sledges to let (free of charge). There are some at the cable car sation as well (with charge).
Our tip:
Especially during German school holidays it might get crowded. It makes sense to be quite early to reduce waiting time. But do not worry: The cable car is quite efficient. Usually even long lines are not too bad. 
Hot to get there (5 min by car)
Drive Andreas-Gross-Str uphill and turn left to B308. Drive through Bad Hindelang and take the 4th exit at the roundabout (sign to Hinterstein). Follow this road until you see the cable car station on the right hand side).

Sledding from Oberjoch

It is a beautiful low cost sledding trip (you only buy the bus ticket). The “old Jochstraße” which is parallel to the new B308/Jochstraße is a very popular sledding road for locals (no cars aloud). It offers amazing nature and a lot of fun. The end of the sledding road is very close to the hotel (at Andreas-Gross-Str. close to the little bridge).
If you feel like more exercise: Certainly you can walk the same way uphill (which you will drive downhill later on). Walk from the hotel on Andreas-Gross-Str. cross the little bridge, walk about 100m and take the road on the right hand side uphill.
Our hotel has some sledges for you free of charge. Just ask at the reception.
How to get there: (15 min drive by bus)
Take the regular bus to Oberjoch which starts at the end of Andreas-Gross-Str. (where it meets B308/Jochstraße, 5 min walk). Buy a ticket from the driver. Our reception team will gladly give you advice on timings. Get of at the station “Oberjoch” and walk back some metres along the street until you see a little path. Take this path and the sledding fun will start soon afterwards. Please ask for snow conditions before departing.

„Alpe untere Schwande“ (Alpine hut)

Duration: 1 - 1 ½ hour by foot (both ways). Level: easy
Mini-sliding experience in the Allgaeu for beginners
Basically it is the ideal walk for people who would like to spend some time in nature without investing to much time and energy. At „Alpe untere Schwande“ you can get some typical Bavarian food (like mountain cheese) or homemade cakes and enjoy yourself sitting within nature and mountains.
Drive to Oberjoch and park your car at the big parking space in the middle. Take your sledge with you. Walk in the direction of Unterjoch on the winter walking path (close to the street). Take a short ride every time it is steep enough. Follow the path until you need to decide and turn right there. After a couple of minutes you will see the alpine hut. Same way back. It is more walking than sliding, but still fun.

Alpenwildpark (Alpine hut and deers)

Small park for deers, even chamois and owls can be seen. All animals are cared for with a lot of love. We recommend: Take the guided tour incl. deer feeding and warm yourself up afterwards in the hut.
How to get there: (driving time about 30 min)
Drive uphill Andreas-Gross-Str. and turn left at B308 in the direction of Bad Hindelang/Sonthofen. Drive through Sonthofen until a sign leads you to B19/Oberstdorf. Turn left there and follow the road until Fischen. There will be signs to Obermaiselstein. Follow them. In Obermaiselstein you can follow the signs to the „Alpenwildpark“. The last part is very steep and mostly not perfectly cleared (depending on snow height). Think about leaving your car at the bottom of the hill and walk the rest.
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