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Regional specialties

Panoramic restaurant with regional specialties

Our chef Josef Schaffler at the buffet
Good food is an important part of our lives and an even more important part of a journey. It gives you the chance to learn something about the place you are staying. If you are searching for authentic Bavarian food with modern variations we are the place to go. Our chef Josef Schaffler and his team love to pamper you. They are cooking your meals with regional ingredients.
In 1987 the Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad was one of the founders of the association "nature and culture" to boost the direct distribution of our regional products: milk, butter, cheese and meat - without detour - fresh, regional, and healthy. You will taste the fresh air and green meadows.
On top we serve you a gorgeous mountain view from the restaurants  and balcony lounge area.
Our biergarten is open to the public.
Please reserve your table for the restaurant: +49 8324 8900
Our restaurant is not open to the public.
Josef Schaffler, chef

Our restaurant

Panoramic view, dignified atmosphere and fresh regional food. This is why we are a polpular spot also for locals.

Panoramic restaurant

With stained glass ceiling and chandeliers.

Our wonderful buffet breakfast with champagne, salmon and products from the Allgaeu
Breakfast buffet

All you wish for - Allgaeu cheese, milk and sausages.

Our bar with our maitre´d hotel - the perfect place to relax
Our bar

To enjoy your evening.

A place to relax - take a coffe or a glass of wine
Our chimney room

To drink a cup of coffee or talk all night through.

Our menu

Tasty regional dishes to enjoy! As these are changing on a daily basis, these pictures are just examples.

We serve Chateaubriand
A typical bavarian dish with duck (half), dumpling and red cabbage
Allgaeu cheese spaetzle served in a pan made in Hindelang - enjoy!
A typical deer dish

Loving wine

Personally we fancy wine very much. So we tested each of our wines before we added it to our wine menu. Our preference are German wines, because they are a lot better than their reputation.

Take a last drink at your chimney room - the perfect end to a perfect day.

Your events

The ideal place for jubilees, weddings, meetings and workshops.

Event location

Our guests opinion

Arriving, belonging here, feeling comfortable...this means Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad for us. We are doing short trips to this place for 17 years and enjoy mud-sulphur-bathes, yummy food ...it works! Translated

Emmi & Robert R.

My New Years resolutions to reduce weight are vanishing as soon as I see the wonderful food at Prinz-Luitpold-Bad. I really enjoyed the food. Translated.

Doris, B.

My spirits are awake again thanks to wellness-massages...we are enjoying baths, food ...Translated..

Doris, B.
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