Our history

A long time ago...
The Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad is a spa hotel with a history: when Bavaria was still an independant kingdom, before it became part of Germany the hotel was established in 1864. It was built on the site of a sulphuric spring renowned for its healing properties by a regional doctor called Dr. Stich. Because it was such a special place the Bavarian Monarch reigning-prince Luitpold gave his name to the hotel in the year 1888. Based on our spring the town Oberdorf (to which we belong) was granted the word "Bad" (meaning "bath"). This is a distincton German towns only receive if they are a qualified spa town. In the year 1923 our ancestor Andreas Gross bought the hotel together with his wife Maria. For the same amount you did not even get a bread roll at the end of the year. A lucky chance.
Before World War II the hotel expanded to 130 rooms (starting with 30). During the war it was used as a military hospital and afterwards as a recreational facility for US soldiers called Mustang Manor II (they probably could not pronounce our real name). In the year 1950 the family received their hotel back and started building an outdoor pool and many other things. 1986 one of the first spa areas in Bavaria was constructed and thus called "Quelldorado" (a mix of "Quelle" meaning spring and eldorado). 
Conclusion: We had great times and challenging ones and we are looking forward to the next 150 years.
A old picture showing the hotel before it changed
Our hotel in the middle of medows and mountains
Our indoor pool in the 50ties
Our new indoor pool with mountain view and massage function
Our chimney hall before we renovated it in the 90ties
Our chimney hall with antiquities
Old picture of a hotel room with blue chair.
Juniour suite Sissi with bed with wooden roses and antique suite
Our relaxing room (past) with mountain view
Our panoramic relaxing room with blue sun beds and mountain view

A little royal

Our philosophy evolved and changed over time adapting to changes in our environment. Some years ago the whole family sat together and discussed what makes us special and what best describes our hotel. We felt and feel that the most important facts for us and our customers are the following: 
  • Our fantastic, panoramic mountain view -  from rooms, restaurant or spa area is a rare luxury. To be found mostly at German castles.
  • Our long history and our antiques make the hotel a unique place standing out from standard rooms of hotel chains and the modern contemporary alpine style. 
  • Our historic dishes prepared with love and regional ingredients for a taste of Bavaria
  • Last but not least: Most importantly each of our guests should feel like something special and should be pampered and comfortable. We try to please your needs and wishes:  special requirements regaring food, rooms or spa treatments. Our team loves to be there for you whenever needed. Our objective is to ensure that every guest drives home happily, relaxed and with a lot of energy to face everyday life. 
Every guest should feel a little royal here at Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad.
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