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Wir are located at approx. 2 hours distance to Munich and Stuttgart, and 1 hour to Lake Constance and the Kings Castles. The Autobahn A7 or speeding stree B12/B19 bring you close by. This means our infrastructure is great but you are still enjoying all the advantages of an idyllic vacation.

How to get there

Map to show the hotels positon based on Munich, Stuttgart and Lake Constance

10 reasons for your vacation in the Allgaeu

The Allgaeu is located in the deepest south of Germany - in Bavaria, close to Austria, surrounded by mountains. We are born in the Allgaeu and we love our area. So we put together some arguments to show you why the Allgaeu is the perfect place to be spending your vacation.

Unique nature - picture shows snowy mountains a Bärgündletal
Unique area with wild nature and mountains

Each day when we wake up we see our mountains. That is a very good start for the day. There are flowery meadows, cows, and quietness. Walk some minutes and you are surrounded by trees, purling of a river and twitters of birds. It is difficult to describe how fast your thoughts come to rest. You need to experience it for yourself.

Traditional pasta with cheese called
Regional and tasty food

Bavarian food and food from the Allgaeu have much in common. Well known specialties like pretzels, Bavarian veal sausage and other meat dishes are served here as well. But there are some specials just prepared the original way right here e.g. Allgaeu Kässpatzen - pasta with cheese (a special one, you will taste it). We live in an area where milk and cheese abound. In summer you can visit the production sites like alpine huts (Laufbichl-Alpe) and eat what they produce right there.

Swan kings castle
Many sites close to us

Mountains, hiking paths, skiing resorts and nature are directly around us. The Kings Castles are just an hours drive away as well as Lake Constance. Even Munich can be reached within a days trip (2 hours one way).

Special tradition: Bringing back our cows from the alps is called
Traditions, you never heard of before

In the Allgaeu we do have some very unique and old traditions. We are proud to have them, especially as they exist in real life not just as „play-pretend“ for tourists. For example: 1. special towers are burned (first Sunday of fasting period) to banish wintertime, which is nice to look at and has a unique atmosphere. 2. At „Viehscheid“ our calfs, heifers and cows come back from their summer vacation on the mountain meadows and are handed over to their owners. It is a special feeling to see hundreds of cows running towards you with bells and decoration. In addition there is something like a fund fair and market and of course: beer tents! 4. Between 4th and 6th of December disguised people (furs, bells and masks) run around town with rods in their hands, which they use to banish evil ghosts and bold visitors. There are so many more traditions like alp horn music and special dances with liveries... you have to see them for yourself.

Flowers, a tree and perfect mountain view
One of sunniest places in Germany

Germans probably would think the sunniest place in Germany is somewhere in the high North. This is a sunny area that is true. Sometimes the North wins and sometimes a place in the Allgaeu wins. But whoever wins the following is true: we do have more sun than most parts of Germany.

2 hikers at a path starting at the hotel
Various hiking paths – for all levels

There are various very well prepared foot paths. Parents with strollers or people with challenges will experience nature as well as trained hikers. There are high valleys, moderate level peaks and challenging hikes for experts like the „Hindelanger Klettersteig“. We did set up a page with our recommendations.

Two people at our waterfall loving the perfect climate in the Allgaeu
Moderate climate

The Allgaeu has its own climate. Sometimes we hear/see the Bavarian weather forecast, look out of the window the next day and are quite surprised. We already announced proudly that we do have a lot of sunshine. Our guests love the fact that it is getting warm but not intensely hot in summertime. But, we do have a lot of rain too. This makes our meadows so green or white (in winter time). What we usually do not have is fog. This is why we have many guests in autumn, where other parts of Germany are quite foggy.

Fresh air at Vilsalpsee  -  a lake in the middle of mountains with blue/green colour
Very healthy due to fresh air

A research found out that people living in the Allgaeu are the healthiest in Germany. There are many reasons, but some of them can be experienced by you, as well. One of them is our fresh and pollution free air. If you are living in a city you get used to smog. Arriving in the Allgaeu you will be very surprised by our air quality. Breathe in deeply and enjoy.

Tower in Munich and blue sky
Easy to get to

The Allgaeu is located very idyllic in the middle of the mountains. Still it is easily accessible: it is just 2 hours by car from Munich or Stuttgart. The closest airports are in Memmingen and Friedrichshafen (both a 1 hour drive). There are several train stations and bus connections to our little villages. If you think about climate change it beats many places because of the central location.

Beautiful Bad Oberdorf at sunshine - alpine town
Small picturesque villages

Somehow our traditional houses and structures survived modernisation: Church, city centre, the towns tavern and old farmers houses with beautiful gardens make you feel like strolling through the town and enjoy.

Our tips

We love the Allgaeu and love to walk and hike in nature. Meanwhile we tried a lot and are able to give you tipps on site based on your individual needs. Additionally we created a selection for you on this website.

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