Wines & vineyard

Our wine philosophy

We love to drink a great glass of wine ourselves
Dear guests,
wine is an important part of a pleasureable life. For us it is a nice and challenging task to select the wines for our wine menu. Each wine is there for a reason and we all tested them ourselves - something we did with a lot of self-sacrifice ;-) No worries we do not expect your pity,  we gladly did this for you.
The most important part of our wine menu are the German wines. In the past their reputation was quite bad, meanwhile German wines are excellent. We tried to have examples of all big wine areas for you to taste. We completed our porfolio with alpine wines from Italy and some international wines which are strong and full of charactre. 
Enjoy, your Gross family

A small selection

Enjoy a great glass of wine in our restaurant or the chimney room


All our wines are vintage wines (if not noted differently).

White wines

  • 2018 Virginia "Erste Trauben" - € 28,-
    Sauvignon blanc, dry, 12,5 % vol., Vineyard Hirsch
  • 2018 Justinus K - € 25,-
    Justinus K, dry, 13,5 % vol., Public Vineyard Weinsberg
  • 2018 Korber Berg Goldadler - € 38
    Grauburgunder, trocken, 13,5 % Vol., Weingut Zimmerle


  • 2016 Meersburger Bengel (Württemberg) -  € 28,-
    Pinot noir Weissherbst, dry, 12,5 % vol.

Red wines


We are very proud to be able to offer you wines which are especially awarded by the "German Red wine award".
Winner wines:
  • 2015 Cuvee Reserve - € 56,00
    Cuvee, dry, 14 % Vol., Collegium Wirtemberg
  • 2013 Lemberger Schwaigerner Ruthe GG: € 45,00
    Lemberger,  dry, 13,5% Vol. Vineyard Graf Neipperg
Tasty other red wines:
  • 2013 Untertürkheimer Gips, Marienglas (Württemberg): € 52,-
    Pinot noir, dry, 13% vol., Großes Gewächs, Vineyard Aldinger:
  • 2015 Syrah Hades: € 48,-
    Syrah, dry, 13,5% vol., Public Vineyard Weinsberg
  • 2015 Saint Laurent: € 25,-
    Saint Laurent, dry, 13 % vol., Collegium Wirtemberg
  • 2015 Nikodemus „Hades“: € 49,-
    1st at cuvees, dry 14 % vol., Vineyard Jürgen Ellwanger, Winterbach


  • 2016 Santa Christina: : € 28,-
    Sangiovese/Merlot, dry, 13% vol., IGT, Tuscany
  • 2011 Brunello di Montalcino “Castello Banfi”: € 65,-
    Sangiovese, dry, 13,5 % vol., DOCG, Catello Banfi
  • 2013 Messorio, Le Macchiole: € 350,-
    Merlot, dry, 15 % Vol., Le Macchiole, Toscany


  • 2012  Châteauneuf-du-Pape, "Le Grands Seigneurs": € 49,-
    Cuvée (Cinsault, Granache, Mourvédre, Syrah), dry, 14,5% vol., Pierre & Remy Gauthier, Chateauneuf-du-Pape AOC
  • 2010 Chateau Bernadotte: € 89,-
    14 %Vol., dry, Haut-Merdoc
  • 20011er Clos de la Roche: € 449,-
    Pinot noir, 13,5%Vol., dry, Armand Rousseau.


  • 2018 Valle de Oron € 25,-
    Tempranillo, dry, 14 % vol., DOP, Bodegas Familia Chavarri

Our vineyard

The history of wine from Bad Hindelang

Since January 2011 we are allowed to have a vineyard with 100 sqm - but only for own consumption. What started with a sponaneous idea in the year 2008 did result in outraged authorities. 
All started with 10 vines, which were planted on hotel property. We ate the grapes ourselves. This story was taken up by an Allgaeu webpage in December 2010, with a little wink: "Germany's highes vineyard is located in Bad Hindelang." A couple of weeks later we received highly offical mail. The subject was: "Hearing regarding a vineyard which is not approved". A very clever employee saw the article and noticed that our vines are not registered in their archive. The further text of the mail told us to clear the site or register it (if it is not more than 100 sqm) as hobby vineyard. If we offered grapes or grape-products to others (even for free) this might lead to a fee or even up to three years of prison. At first we were very scared - than we decided to register our vineyard and talk about it. As people love funny little stories like this it was printed in many articles and broadcasted on radio and tv all over Germany.
Shortly after we founded an organisation of wine-growers in the Allgaeu and nominated three  "Wine Queen". We are still applying to make the Allgaeu a registered wine-growing area. This is the only way to be able to give away and sell our grapes or our own wine.
By the way: We have been producing wine for a couple of years now and drink it ourselves. Certainly we still need to learn a lot, but it is already quite nice - and very, very rare...


Our own vineyard at the hotel
Our vineyard

100 sqm south facing directly at the hotel - a lot of sun, which creates a wine with a lot of sugar.

Katharina I - our first wine queen

Armin Gross (Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad), Katharina I and Markus Rainalter (Hanuselhof).

Hannah I - our second wine queen

With wonderful view of Bad Oberdorf and a dirndl from "Trachten Schaber" in Immenstadt. Thanks for the donation.

Katharina II - our 3rd "Wine Queen"

On coronation day with the two founding members of the Allgaeu Wintners Association. 

Lisa I - our present "Wine Queen"

Together with Markus Rainalter (l.) and Armin Gross (r.)

Metal grapes

A gift of local fine-smith Lanbacher, who also created the exquisite crown.

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