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Medical Wellness
In the official paper to celebrate Luitpold's 90th birthday, his daily routines are described in detail. This is why we know that he used treatments based on Kneipp (German health program) regularly. He swam, went on walks, lived a live in great order. He loved steam baths and medical massages.
In our Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad you can experience many of these traditional health treatments. We hope you stay as healthy and vital and reach a high age like the prince-regent! Physio therapy treatments are a part of our Luitpold-offers as well.
Please book your treatments in advance (if possible) at  +49 (0)8324 8900. This way we are more flexible regarding your timing preferences. Without booking we cannot guarantee you a treatment.

Natural medical wellness

The movie is in German, but still you can get a feeling for our place and our medical wellness concept.

Our Luitpold offers

In this section we gathered all offers that are created to support your health.

Your wellness excercise: Water gymnastics

Luitpold week

Recovery for the vertebrae and the joints.
from € 979,- per person

Your spa treatment: mud pack
Backpack Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Hikers special

Regeneration for hikers with massage and body pack.
from € 249,- per person

Your spa treatment: mud pack
Relaxing Allgaeu Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Relaxing Allgaeu

Our best treatments combined (mud, bath, beauty)
from € 399,- per person

our new wellness treatment: Body packs in the softpack recliner

Medical massages

You are in the best hands with us. All medical massages are provided by well-trained and experience massagers.

Your spa offer: Medical massage
Back massage € 31 + arms and legs: € 37,-

Classic massage with neutral massage oil and strong massage technique. Back/shoulders or legs. Approx. 20 minutes.

Your spa treatment: Full body massage with essence of edelweiss
Body massage - back, shoulders, arms and legs : € 67

Classic massage with neutral massage oil and strong massage technique. Back, shoulders, arms, legs and neck. Approx. 55 minutes.

Your medical wellness offer: Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage: € 39,-/59,-/69,-

Gentle massage technique to stimulate lymph activity. Effects: calming down, purification, feel of ease. Approx. 30/45/55 minutes.

Your spa treatment: Reflexolology (feet):
Reflexolology (feet): € 39,-

Increases your blood circulation due to compressing of your reflexory zones on your feet/toes. Harmonising effect. Approx. 25 minutes.

Your spa treatment: Massage of your back and legs
Dorn therapy: € 39,-

Active movements to carfully reposition your vertebral bodies. Recommended espcially for sciatic pain. Approx. 25 minutes.

Your spa treatment: A massage of your feet
Massage of your legs and feet € 31,00

with Arnica-tonicum. Approx. 20 minutes

Luitpold's health-bath

Medical baths with our own sulphur-spring-water

The hotel was built 1864 at this location because of the near-by sulfur spring. People stayed here to use its beneficial effects. Sulfur gets absorbed by your skin and built into your gristles. This improves the flexibility of your joints. Additionally it blockes the body's own substances which slowes down aging. 
Effects of sulfur water are: anti-inflammatory, anti septical, pain-releiving and improvement of flexibility.
We use it for various medical wellness treatments and in our indoor pool (for everyone).
Medical sulphur bath with additives: € 28,-

Medical bath with our own sulphur spring water. Nourishing and supporting your joints. Various bath additives available.  Harmonising: Rosemary, hey flower, juniper  Calming: Whey, hops, valerian, lavender & melissa  Vitalising: eucalyptus, spruce needle & rock oil

Luitpold's mud

Mud is not a modern spa treatment anymore. This is why you will not have the chance to try it very often. Here you can.
Positive effects are: mud saves heat very well (much better than water) and gives it back very slowly. This way it can e.g. release muscle tension or help people with arthrosis or rheumatism. There is a hormone component as well which helps your general regeneration and preventing of e.g. Osteoporosis.
This is why it is called the black gold of wellness.
yYur spa treatment: a mud bath
Mud bath: € 44,-

Your body gets a "healing fever" due to the warm mud. Good for your joints, impacts your hormonal balance and supports the storage of minerals in your body (15 min bath, 10 min sweat bed). Available as half bath as well: € 37,-.

Your spa treatment: mud pack
Mud pack: € 31,-/€ 36,-

Warm alpine mud: ideal to relax your muscles and before massages; helps relieving pain and ache. Approx. 30 minutes (20 within the pack).

Your medical wellness treatment: mud pack (shoulders)
Foot and hand pack (mud): € 19,-

Warm or cold alpine mud with positive effects on your joints and veins. Approx. 20 minutes

Kneipp - Holistic natural therapy

Germans mostly associate "Kneipp" with water treading. But this is just one aspect. Kneipp defined 5 pillars: water, exercise, herbs, diet and order. All in all it is a very complex theory. This is why our experts love to talk to you about your needs to find the perfect treatments for you. 

Our highlight - the royal cooling room

The idea is based on results which show a correlation between cold and energy consumption, anti flammation and other effects. Armin Gross tested it himself and statet: I spent 4 minutes in the cooling room and felt warm for hours.

Luitpolds health area - medical wellness the fun way
Luitpold's health room

Kneipp combined with modern wellness. Royal cooling room: Innovation in the Prinz-Luitpold-Bad Infraredsauna: Indepth warmth at 30 C Kneipp-Facilities: With all you need to "Kneipp" on you own Massage chair: Relaxing at the push of a button Rain shower: Like warm summer rain Drinking water: An antique fountain brought back to live In our underground aisel and next to the outdoor pool we offer additional facilities like walking pools for water treading.


Our climate fits to Kneipp's ideas very well. Here are our treatments: Partly water treatment (Teilguss): € 9,- Alternating water treatment (Wechselteilguss): € 14; Special water treatment (Lumbalguss): € 14 Arms or feet bath: alternating, rising, with essences: € 14

Body packs on Haslauer soft pack recliner

our new wellness treatment: Body packs in the softpack recliner


Body packs:

  • Sports pack € 19,-
    Our treatment agains sports injuries. Cooling and anti-inflammatory
On the soft pack recliner

Waterbed at body temperature. Makes you feel like floating and increases the effect of the treatment:

  • Hey pack: relaxation
  • Sports-vital-pack: blood circulation especially injuries
  • Purification pac with juniper and birch.
  • Body salt with honey and herbs: blood circulation and stregthening of the immune system
  • Vino-Pack with fruit acids to tighten and harmonise your skin and many more
€ 49,-  approx. 25 minutes

Physio therapy

Medical Wellness in the Allgaeu - Physio therapy
Kaiser Physio
Your health is important to us. Our professional therapist is offering you effective treatments for prevention & individual consultation.
Our objective is that you can live your life actively and healthy. 
Please book your treatments in advance (if possible) at +49 (0)8324 890237. This way we are more flexible regarding your timing preferences.
  • Physiotherapy: approx. 25 minutes € 35,–
  • Manual therapy: approx. 25 minutes € 39,–
  • Breathing therapy: approx. 25 minutes € 35,–
  • Reflexology (feet): approx. 25 minutes € 39,–
  • Physiotherapy with exercise in the pool: approx. 20 minutes € 35,– 
  • Lymphatic drainage
    approx. 30 min. € 39,–; approx. 45 min. € 59,–; approx. 60 min. € 69,-
  • Fascia treatment: approx. 25/55 minutes € 35/ € 70,–
  • Lava-stone massage: approx. 55 minutes € 75,–
Kaiser Physio, Andreas-Gross-Str. 7, 87541 Bad Hindelang, Phone: +49 (0)8324 890237
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