Wellness to relax


Your wellness excercise: Water gymnastics
This section shows you all offers which help you to relax and feel well. Models for this section are emperess Sissi, who cared a lot about her appearance and king Ludwig II (the swan king), who liked to get pampered.
Our beauty department of Christine Michel is part of this section.

Please book your treatments in advance (if possible) at  +49 (0)8324 8900. This way we are more flexible regarding your timing preferences.

Our wellness offers

Check out our offers for your relaxation.

Hotel Mum Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Hotel mum for mums

The perfect treat for mums
from € 259,- per person

Your wellness treatment: Massage with scented massage oil
Relaxing Allgaeu Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Relaxing Allgaeu

Our best treatments combined (mud, bath, beauty)
from € 392,- per person

our new wellness treatment: Body packs in the softpack recliner
Offer Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Have a breather

Breathe deeply and get your energy back with massages and more.
from € 459,- per person


Massages for your wellbeing - nourishing & aromatic. 

Your spa offer: Massage with steam-heated herb pouches
Herbal stamp massage: € 89,-

Enjoy the power of our warm herbal stamps. 55 minutes.

Your spa treatment: Full body massage with essence of edelweiss
Detox massage with essence of edelweiss: € 77,-

Massage with special massage cups to detox and tighten your connective tissue. Approx. 55 min

Sissi getting a massage with milk of alpine herbs
Massage with milk of alpine herbs: € 42,-/€ 73,-

Massage with a high quality product from Alpienne, which is free of preservatives and nourishing. Contains hand-collected alpine herbs. Available as well: eudermic bee-glue milk & arnica milk, which improves your blood circulation. Approx. 25/55 minutes

Your wellness treatment: Massage with scented massage oil
Massage with scented massage oil: € 39,-/€ 69,-

Flowing massage grips with the perfect aroma for you. Relaxing and energy balancing. Approx. 25/55 min

Your spa offer: Medical massage
Body massage with stone oil: € 42,-

Strong and deep massage technique with acerbic smelling oil, made from slate stone. Good for joints, increases mobility and is anti-inflammatory. Approx. 25 min.


Treatments - Haslauer soft pack recliner

our new wellness treatment: Body packs in the softpack recliner
Waterbed at body temperature. Makes you feel like floating and increases the effect of the treatment:
  • Hey pack: relaxation
  • Purification pack with juniper and birch
  • Body salt with honey and herbs: blood circulation and stregthening of the immune system
  • Nourishing pack: Cleopatra, "Evening primrose" or "Men´s special"
  • Vino-Pack with fruit acids to tighten and harmonise your skin
€ 47,-  approx. 25 minutes

Sissi& Ludwig-Bath

Nourishing and relaxing baths for you.

Wellness in the Allgaeu with our own sulphur spring water
Bath with pedal of roses € 29,-

Relaxing bath with our own sulphur spring water and rose oil. Approx. 20 minute.

Your spa treatment: Wheybath
Princess Sissi bath: € 29,-

Milk-bath and rose essences – the same ingredients (Sissi's skin cream) – with our own sulphur spring water. Approx. 20 minutes

Spring water bath: € 27,-

Enjoy your warm bath with our spring water and essences like hey flower or hops.

Beauty treatments

Your spa offer: neck massage


At her beauty salon Christine Michel works with natural cosmetics. Based on your skin she will decide which is the best treatment. This way she awakens your hidden beauty.

Her goal is it to use high quality products to strenghten your skin and to enable it to ward off outside influences.
She is working with products from Braukmann, Farfalla, Mila d'Opiz & Rosa-Graf.

Face treatments for HER

  • Harmonie (Harmony) approx. 55 Minutes, € 55,-
    Facial treatment incl. cleansing, vaporization, suction of impurities, correction of your eyebrows, mental-relaxation-massage and face pack.
  • Natur-Nah (Close to nature) approx. 60 minutes, € 55,-
    Honey-Mountain-Salt-Peeling, vaporization with herbs, correction of your eyebrows, massage and bee-glue face pack.
  • Hypoallergen-Balance, approx. 60 Minutes, € 56,-
    recommended for sensitive, irritated skin or skin which tends to react allergic. Foam cleaning, peeling, cleaning of impurities, correction of your eyebrows, massage, special face mask.
  • Kräuter-Aktiv (herbs active), approx. . 60 minutes, € 59,-
    Recommended for dry skin or skin which needs regeneration. herbal stem cells of the Alpine rose improve the vitality of your skins own stem cells. Cleansing, peeling, serum, massage and active mask.
  • Collagen-Biomatrix, approx. 60 minutes, € 64,-
    reduces wrinkles, strengthens the connective tissue. Cleansing, vaproization, special ampulla, massage, corection of your eyebrows and biomatrix-mask.
and many more...

Face treatments for HIM

  • Business treatment, approx. 60 minutes, € 57,-
    Facial treatment with peeling, in-depth cleansing, energy-point-massage and relaxing face pack.
  • Pleasure treatment, approx. 60 minutes, € 58,-
    Aroma therapy for your face incl. cleansing, peeling, acupressure, throat/neck-oil-massage and harmonising mask
  • A mens world, approx. 60 minutes,€ 59,-
    Lifting and sking firming effects for experienced skin. Cleansing, peeling, special lifting massage, facial mask and individual skin care.

Body treatments

  • Hot-Stone-Massage
    approx. 30 minutes, € 35,-
    approx. 55 minutes, € 68,-

Treatments for hands and feet

  • Manicure without nail polish  € 34,-
  • Manicure with nail polish € 42,-
  • Harmony for your hands: nourishing treatment with rose sugar peeling, massage and paraffin wax pack. € 33,-
  • Medical pedicure without nail polish and whirlpool bath for your feet € 28,-
  • Medical pedicure with nail polish and whirlpool bath for your feet € 38,-
  • Ginger-lemongrass-whirlpool bath. Feet massage with ginger € 35,-
Christine Michel our beauty expert (smiling)
Christine Michel
Beautician with further trainings, medical pedicure
At the hotel for 30 years
Her goal: Using natural high quality products for your face and soul, based on your skin and charakter, to conjure your true beauty.

"Naturkosmetikstudio" Christine Michel, Andreas-Gross-Str. 7, 87541 Bad Hindelang
Please book your treatments at: +49 (0)8324 890359
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