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This section shows you all offers which help you to relax and feel well. Models for this section are emperess Sissi, who cared a lot about her appearance and king Ludwig II (the swan king), who liked to get pampered.
Our beauty department of Christine Michel is part of this section.

Please book your treatments in advance (if possible) at  +49 (0)8324 8900. This way we are more flexible regarding your timing preferences. Without booking we cannot guarantee you a treatment.

Our wellness offers

Check out our offers for your relaxation.

Your wellness excercise: Water gymnastics

Luitpold week

Recovery for the vertebrae and the joints.
from € 979,- per person

Your spa treatment: mud pack
Summer freshness Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Fresh summer

Valid from 19.5. - 31.8.: Enjoy cool mountain air, outdoor pool with a view and quiet nights.
from € 419,- per person

Your spa treatment: Bath with christmas essences
Winter cuddle days Hotel Prinz-Luitpold-Bad

Winter cuddle days

Valid: 1.11 - 31.3.:
Wellness for you and your love with champagne and quality time.
from € 419,- per person

Your spa treatment: Back, shoulder, neck massage with St. John´s wort oil


Massages for your wellbeing - nourishing & aromatic. 

Your spa offer: Massage with steam-heated herb pouches
Herbal stamp massage: € 89,-

Enjoy the power of our warm herbal stamps. 55 minutes.

Your spa treatment: Full body massage with essence of edelweiss
Detox massage with essence of edelweiss: € 79,-

Massage with special massage cups to detox and tighten your connective tissue. Approx. 55 min

Sissi getting a massage with milk of alpine herbs
Massage with milk of alpine herbs: € 43,-/€ 75,-

Massage with a high quality product from Alpienne, which is free of preservatives and nourishing. Contains hand-collected alpine herbs. Available as well: eudermic bee-glue milk & arnica milk, which improves your blood circulation. Approx. 25/55 minutes

Your wellness treatment: Massage with scented massage oil
Massage with scented massage oil: € 42,-/€ 72,-

Flowing massage grips with the perfect aroma for you. Relaxing and energy balancing. Approx. 25/55 min

Your spa offer: Medical massage
Massage with cupping glasses: € 43

Antistress massage with cupping glasses.  Approx. 25 min.


Treatments - Haslauer soft pack recliner

our new wellness treatment: Body packs in the softpack recliner
Waterbed at body temperature. Makes you feel like floating and increases the effect of the treatment:
  • Hey pack: relaxation
  • Purification pack with juniper and birch
  • Body salt with honey and herbs: blood circulation and stregthening of the immune system
  • Nourishing pack: Cleopatra, "Evening primrose" or "Men´s special"
  • Pomegranate-Pack with fruit acids to tighten and harmonise your skin
and many more...
€ 49,-  approx. 25 minutes

Spring water-Bath

Nourishing and relaxing baths for you.

Wellness in the Allgaeu with our own sulphur spring water
Bath with pedal of roses € 30,-

Relaxing bath with our own sulphur spring water and rose oil. Approx. 20 minute.

Your spa treatment: Wheybath
Princess Sissi bath: € 30,-

Milk-bath and rose essences – the same ingredients (Sissi's skin cream) – with our own sulphur spring water. Approx. 20 minutes

Spring water bath: € 28,-

Enjoy your warm bath with our spring water and essences like hey flower or hops.

Beauty treatments

Your spa offer: neck massage

Our new beautician Iris Döhne is looking forward to bring out your inner beauty.

Based both on the needs of your skin and scientific findings, the manual treatment method of TEAM DR JOSEPH starts deep in the tissue. Following the natural laws of function, the skin’s metabolism is brought into balance: The nervous system is calmed, facial expressions become relaxed, the flow is harmonized and micro-circulation is normalized, with the aim of caring for and maintaining the holistic feel of your skin, your health and your incomparable beauty. Experience for yourself the individual beauty care offered by the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: pureness. recreation. protection.

Face treatments for HER

Warm herbal compresses, cleansing followed by a peel-off mask and  daily care specific to your skin.
For a vital radiance.
25 min € 35,-

In-depth cleansing specific to your skin type based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Your skin? Bright and soft. Your face? Radiant. Your
feeling? Clear and energetic. Beginning with warm herbal compresses; a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system; peeling; cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing – followed by a tonifying facial pack, a peel-off mask and the
daily care specific to your skin. For a visibly fresher complexion and vital radiance.
50 min € 68,-

A wonderfully natural treatment with active ingredients, specifically tailored to the needs of your skin, with immediate effect and a deeply relaxing, pampering program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Skin diagnostics; contouring your  eyebrows; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing
with cupping glasses; special serum; a modulated facial massage; an intensive facial mask and finally,
individual daily skin care. With highly effective, naturally active ingredients for healthy and thoroughly cared-for skin.
80 min € 99,-

ADVANCED BIO LIFTING FACE TREATMENTThe holistic maximum program based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: Intensive treatment with a biodynamic lifting massage specifically tailored to the needs of your skin. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics; contouring your eyebrows; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing
with cupping glasses; special serum; a bio-energetic lifting massage; an intensive facial mask, and finally,
individual daily skin care and stabilization. Nature’s high-tech solution for a sustained impact, immediate visibility and maximum effect.
110 min € 134,-

Experience a completely different non-invasive process for a rejuvenated and immaculate appearance. The urlatrasonic frequencies allow the natural active ingredients to safely penetrate even the deeptest layers of the skin. The collagen and elastin synthesis is gently stimulated. The effect of the ultrasonic treatment immediately shows in visibly smoother and tighter skin. the treatment is tailored to your skin needs and includes: lymph stimulation, steam compresses, purification, enzyme and ultransic deep peeling, ultrasonic repair and lifting and daily care. 
50 min € 75

The deluxe version of our ultrasonic liftings
Combines the ULTRASONIC FACIAL LIFT with alginate mask and a vitalizing neck and facial massage.
80 min € 105,-

Face treatments for HIM

The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men. Powerful, natural, effective: Skin diagnostics; a massage stimulating
the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing; special serum; an intensive mask with facial massage, and finally, individual daily skin care. Natural high-tech power for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.
50 min € 68,-

Treatment for feet

with sparkling foot-bath
25 min  € 35,-
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